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  • Danielle's NC Garden

    @Nicky Schauder Following up from this morning's post - Notice how the lion's mane wouldn't colonize where the plastic was slit and is only fruiting from the corners - I am assuming this is because it is drying out too much :(

    Nicky Schauder
  • Sandy's Arizona Garden

    Current plant inventory

    I went out and counted what is currently growing. I made the kids guess how many different plants we had first. I only counted each variety once, so even though I have 4 watermelon plants, I only counted it once(and I don't know the variety, so there may be more than one). But since there are 3 varieties of lantana betwixt about 5 plants, I counted it 3 times :

    65 total (if I include borage, cilantro and lettuce that have consistently self seeded and come back every year, even though I don't see them right now)

    54 are perennial or self seeding or spread so as to act like perennial

    42 of the total have been added since we got here (including a few volunteers like purslane and ground cherry)

    53 are edible (some more desirable than others)

    of the remaining plants "non edible", 8 are pollinators that we don't actually eat, although 5 of those are technically edible

    4 palm trees (which provide shade so we can forgive them for not serving many other purposes)

    BTW, in the past year we have harvested over 358 lbs of food, and over 664 since we started counting a few years ago (So over 50 lbs more the second year than the first).

    And this doesn't count most of the gallons of honey and pounds of wax we've been harvesting from the bees this summer.

    Nicky Schauder
  • Sprouting Course Photos

    Mary Himmer with son David Himmer, Blue Bell, PA, Day 2

    My tray of black sunflower seeds with shells looks the same as Day 1. David's tray of daikon radish already shows signs of life with tails on many of the seeds.

    Nicky Schauder
  • Sprouting Course Photos

    Let's try again attaching the picture right here. We got an error last time.

    Nicky Schauder
  • Christayla's OK Garden

    Here is my updated garden sketch. It's only of the garden area.

    Nicky Schauder
  • How do you garden indoors?

    I do! I started a little more seriously this year around Feb/Mar. I have a baker’s rack that’s roughly 4’wx5’hx2’d and has 4 shelves. I bought a set of grow lights in May - I wish I hadn’t put them off and got them when I started in the early spring. Just about a week ago I started growing microgreens again. So much fun! I already have an order of seeds coming to grow more :)

    I also have a small aeroponics system (aerogarden) that I like to grow lettuce in. It’s easy peasy and pretty much no fuss.

    Christayla Vassar
  • Harvests to celebrate

    Thanks Nicky + Dave, this was a fun challenge! I’m excited to add up my numbers to see how many pounds of food we grew! This is our last week of plum tomatoes. The ground cherries will continue to produce until frost. I started growing microgreens again, so I’m looking forward to more of those and everything I just planted seeds for (fingers crossed) :) We grow the lettuce indoors, so we’ll continue to harvest until we decide to grow something else in their place.

    Nicky Schauder
  • Harvests to celebrate

    My derpy onion harvest. Going to make dehydrated minced onions for my seasonings I think! Time to look up onion growing videos 😂

    Nicky Schauder
  • Harvests to celebrate

    Just more tomatoes and ground cherries :)

    Nicky Schauder
  • Harvests to celebrate

    Little bit of everything! :)

    Nicky Schauder

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