how to get rid of poison ivy

Hello, just wondering if anyone knows of a way to get rid of poison ivy other than pulling it? I haven't reacted to it in awhile, but I've also been careful not to play in it. ; ) There was a time that I got into it years ago and got blisters. Thanks in advance.


  • Please be careful using a weed whacker to cut back the poison ivy, especially if it has rained recently. My son told me about a man at church that used a weed whacker and didn't wear long sleeves or a face mask and everywhere that wasn't covered broke out.

  • we have the same issue in our area and my husband is highly allergic - i have heard that spraying it with a combo of white vinegar, water and dishsoap is supposed to be effective. We haven't tried it yet, but we plan to in a week or so. We have also taken to cutting it back to the ground with the weed whacker to try and keep it contained in the meantime. We also found a product called IvyX to put on your skin as a barrier to protect in case you run up against it. Hope that helps!

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