Info on type of beans in trial and growing zones

I am planning on direct sowing the pole beans for the trial in the next few days. I want to make sure they are appropriate for my zone. I am in zone 4B. If I have a bed in the back of my raised bed, should I only plant one variety? My bed is about 4 ft long. If I only have room for 2 varieties, which should I consider? I know one I want to try for sure is the Seychelles variety.

Also, are some of these snap beans and some beans you would dry and eat in a soup? I have had a hard time finding much information about these beans, especially the Aunt Bea ones.


  • Taunisha! You truly have that organized mind of an engineer! I love this!!!

  • Here is how I am organizing my seeds.

    This is a photo storage case with Avery removable labels.

    I labelled each photo case with what type of seeds it holds. I also tried to organize by type of seed (cold season, warm season, herbs, etc.). I can easily look and see what I have. I also plan to keep a chart inside the case that shows how long seeds by type can last so I can discard old seeds. I plan to store this case in a cool and dry area of my basement.

    Nicky Schauder
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    @Sandy Steinfelt & @Taunisha McShan Yes, I've written a blog about seed storage HERE..
    And I'm trying to re-org the website right now so that one can easily find this info. I'm hoping I can do it in a month. :D


  • I can totally relate to seed storage are being a mess!
    @David Schauder and @Nicky Schauder , do you have any suggestions for organized seed storage? I think that could be a great addition to the "garden tools" page! I've seen a few ideas but have yet to implement anything myself...
  • Thanks Sandy for the links and the planting info. I will have to see if I have the info sheet still. My seed storage area is a mess right now. Our temps have finally started to warm up. Our low for today will be in the 50's and we will have highs in the 70's and 80's next week. This should be the perfect time to plant beans.
  • You can plant beans pretty densely, especially if they have room to grow tall, so you could conceivably put all of them in your garden space, even if it is just few of each variety.
    I'm not sure about specific variety differences. (I did find this about Aunt Bea: looks like its a snap bean also this about pole beans in general: I think a little info may have been given on the sheet that came with them (I can't find mine, but maybe you have yours?) Personally, I've found a lot of bean varieties (again, i don't know about these specifically) can be both eaten raw if you get them early or dried to cook later. Our family had a lot of pinto beans last year both green and dried.
    Concerning timing for your zone, according to averages, you are probably ok to plant now(average last frost date May 15), but check your current weather report to be sure. If your temps are 40+ for lows, you should be fine.
    Hope that is helpful! Good luck!

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