Tomato Pictures & Observations

Hey all! Just wanted to post some images and comments re: the tomatoes from the trial.



  • I participated in the tomato trial. I started the seeds indoors the last week of March. I transplanted the last week of May. The KC146 never germinated, so I was not able to plant those. The remaining plants lost there identification markers, so let's play a little game of name that tomato!!

  • Started seeds (Atkinson; KC146; Black Prince, Rose de Berne, and Aunt Ruby's German Green) on 3/25 and transplanted to bigger pots on 4/20. They went into the garden sometime in June? (We had a late cold snap!)

    Atkinson never germinated. Black Prince did great and then I transplanted it into the garden and it was grass! Not sure what happened. We gave alot of transplants away to family and neighbors. Planted in raised beds with TONS of marigolds (too many?) and basil, radishes, peas, etc.)

    UPDATES - 7/22

    Rose de Berne

    HUGE tomatoes. Not turning red yet. Some brown on the end (maybe a trace of blossom rot?)


    Smaller tomatoes, these look great.

    German Green

    Looks like maybe starting to split?

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