Table top Lions Mane

Hi All,

it’s my first time trying to grow mushrooms with the table top lions mane kit from field and forest. I noticed my lions mane is taking on a pinkish tinge. Is this normal?


  • I have harvested some of it. The sides of the block grew slower than the top. I will try taking off the tent because I’m getting black mold on the wooden stakes and then some of the black mold got onto the mushroom.

  • ack, sorry, for some reason I only saw this now... so sorry :( Just keep watering it and the pinkish tinge will start to turn more yellow. I also take off the tent at some point once it starts fruiting to encourage it to get bigger. I got 3 flushes last year with the lions mane kit and would put the tent on again after harvesting each time. Probably by now you've already harvested it. Do you have a photo of the harvest?

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