Keeping indoor animals out of your sprouts - help!

Hello to all of my new garden guru friends :)

So, we don't normally keep many plants inside because we have cats. We love our cats. They are therapeutic for us and we can't imagine our home without them. But they are very curious and very independent and they just LOVE LOVE LOVE to lay in some dirt. I just started my first little tray of sprouts and, of course, the cats think that this was something that has been left out for them to play in. Our house is such that the only room that I can keep them out of is pretty shaded - maybe some morning sun, but that's it. The best room would be the sun room, I think, but can't keep the cats out of there. Any ideas? Advice? We have been brainstorming, but so far all of our ideas involve large carpentry project, so maybe your all will have something more rational!



  • Also, there is a dome you can buy for the top of 1020 trays. We got ours from GreenHouse megastore but you can get it off Amazon too I'm sure

  • Thanks, Christayla!

    We have tried the spiky idea, but we'll try the citrus. This is an interesting thought, since the only plant I have had indoors is my lemon tree and they LOVE it :P Maybe the oils in the peels will be stronger. They definitely don't like when I use essential oils topically.


  • Hi, Danielle!

    I've heard of a few ways to keep cats out of indoor plants.

    1. Use citrus oils or peels near your plants. Cats hate the smell.
    2. Use something spiky that cats won't want to walk on. Something like THIS.

    I hope these help!

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