Created a small raised bed on slanted ground

I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on adding a small raised bed on slanted ground. And if I should use landscape fabric on top of the clay ground? I'm really not sure but don't want much of the goodies I'll put in to wash away.


  • OK thanks! I ended up creating one with bricks and yes I did have more at the bottom. I put some rocks below the lower wall too. I'll post a photo soon. Thanks so much!

  • I guess it depends on the slope of the ground. If it's too steep, you would need to either terrace the slope enough to make the raised bed somewhat level, or use stone or brick as edging to level the lower part of the bed. You would want a nice enough edging that erosion wouldn't wash away the soil.

    I think cardboard is generally cheaper and more sustainable than landscape fabric. Just save your old amazon packaging and spread it out on the bottom of your bed.

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