veggies to try with 5 hour sun?

So I figured out that I have 5 hours sunlight in the spot I want to grow some veggies asap. it seems it's too little for bush beans. But i wonder what i else can try now? I just built a small raised bed from bricks after Nicky inspired me :) I know it's too late for vining veggies. But what other than cabbage and greens might work? Sun is from 1210 to 510 at the moment. Or should i just try anyway? i was thinking beans will add some nitrogen for other things next year i can try then....



  • Oh great idea! I will do that in a while. Beans all came up and even the cucumber. Love the rain idea. Must study up on that. Thanks so much for all your input!!!
  • Ilona, you could try channeling the water to sink and spread (and use lots of mulch) to make use of the deck runoff and turn it into a blessing rather than a curse. Maybe plant something that is good for holding the soil together (like beans!) right under the deck drip line. If you get regular rains, maybe thats the spot to plant your water loving plants! I'm in an area that is getting ready for some heavy rains (it is called monsoon season, but it is really just a season with lots of epic thunderstorms and flooding in some areas). In the drylands where I'm at, Brad Lancaster is the go to resource for making the most of rainwater, but the principles would still apply in any area, just in different ways. I think there may be a module in the design course touching upon it, but you can also google "using berms and basins in a garden".

    I think that the sun is especially necessary for plants with flowers and fruit as the main harvest. I've had some good success with herbs (where you mainly harvest the leaf) in shadier spots and I say go for it with the beans. After learning about how they fix nitrogen, I just plant beans everywhere. If I'm not sure about the location or what I want from the beans, I just plant pantry beans (like pinto, black, chickpeas, lentils etc), and if I know I want a crop, I'll plant something more expensive or fancy. Even if they never fruit, they'll still help cover the ground and fix the nitrogen, so may as well try!

    Good luck!

  • So I'm trying a couple bush beans and a little dill. I did notice in heavy rains that the deck runoff plops right onto my newly raised bed. :(

  • Hi dave or Nicky, if you get a chance I'd love to hear your thoughts :)
  • HI Dave and Nicky, not sure you'll see this before the holiday but would love your input! I will try some bush beans now.

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