All About Planting Calendars

Post your planting calendar plans or any issues you are having figuring out your planting calendars here.


  • We’ve had several people down with GI bug in our house the past 2 weeks as well. Need to check my plans again, so the delayed response is actually a great reminder for me! Temps still freezing here at night; I am ready for spring!!!

  • Oh Danielle!!!
    This is so awesome!

    It's great that you are using a local planting calendar.

    I wanted to let you know that we also have one inside the GIY Resources and under the course entitled "Choosing Your Plants" that might help. If what you're doing is working well for you, then don't change it. But do check it out when you can, because you can also use the printable workbook on the "Planting Calendar" to teach your kids how to plot when they should plant (and harvest) what kinds of veggies.
    This goes together with the webinar entitled "The Planting Calendar" where I break down crops into warm/cool season
    And also into sub-categories that have to do with their germination temperatures. Once you know more or less the germination temp of your desired crop, then you know when to put it out, no matter where you live on earth.

    Finally, we have digitized this into a tool that Dave is currently working on called the Designer. A Beta Test version is available for you to play within the GIY Resources where it will build out the window (that you have drawn on your notebook) for you according to the crops that you select in your plan. Like I said, it is still buggy. But it is hopefully going to be released this year.

    So to recap:

    Hope that helps! And I'm so sorry it's taken us so long to reply to this comment. We got a really bad flu!!!

    plantingcalendar #seasons

  • edited March 2019

    I've always struggled to keep records of what I'm planting because I'd rather be in the garden getting my hands dirty (and until recently squeezing that time in amidst caring for small children - my kids are now 5, 7, 10 & 12 and it's a whole new season of life!) This year I picked up a simple monthly calendar from a local dollar store and am using it to track my garden planting plans. I am hoping it will help me keep up with succession planting of lettuce, beans and cilantro more consistently throughout the summer.

    The work I did last fall with the GIY course on my property overview, garden observations and planning made it so much easier to get started with my spring planning this year! Specifically, knowing my first frost and last frost dates let me use the year long planning overview to map out my growing season - which I've never done in planning my garden before!

    Is there such a thing as too many seeds? Full disclosure: I had seed packets spread all over my coffee table & living room floor last week going through my stash. I was looking at them as warm season/cool season and not just “roots, herbs, vines, greens, tomatoes, peppers.”

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