Raised bed depth

Hey Nicky,

I am wondering what the best depth for a raised bed would be. I'd rather have the plants in a raised bed or containers so that I'm sure it's not contaminated with heavy metals, etc. Also, just wondering, is there a way that old timers had for knowing if contaminants were in the soil? I mean, how recent of a development is it to send soil away to be tested?



  • Looking at the local plant shop today as we need to go pick up our CSA box there.

  • Thanks for this Ilona. I was not able to watch the 4/29 webinar. I will try to do that.

    Speaking of mycorrhizae fungi, Dave or Nicky, is that something that a local garden center would carry. I am trying to support local businesses now especially during this COVID-19 craziness. Is there one brand that you prefer over others, or something that would be on the packaging that I should keep an eye out for?

    Thanks again everyone for you help.

  • Have you guys seen the lasagna garden video? It says 6 inches minimum but I think rooted plants like it deeper. I try to have my containers be at least 12 inches so I can do carrots, radishes and so on. This is why, when I made my own little raised bedabout 10 inches deep but I won't grow carrots in there, but cucumbers, currently peas and radishes and they seem happy. I bet more is better.

    Now I'm no expert at all, and I'm sure Nicky and Dave will guide you much better than me.

    As to heavy metals - also a concern for me - Dave has said in past that the mycorrhizae fungi help among other things. Have you watched the 4/29 webinar? They talk about soil health too. I haven't finished it myself but it's so wonderful.

  • I would also like to ask this; is there a recommended depth for general plants?

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